Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our little Sleeping Beauty went for a STROLL tonight.

I was washing my face with my fabulous cleanser
(thank you Megth) when I hear Theresa's door swing open. She comes out of the room looks at me and mumbles, I athleeptheth. (not sure what that means) So, I follow her down the hall as she is in a shirt, underwear and has her blanket wrapper around her like a ball gown skirt.

She runs into the wall and so I go pull on Colton while he is doing the dishes and say "you HAVE to SEE this." We go into the living room to hopefully witness Theresa walking around aimlessly when to our surprise she WENT OUTSIDE! Colton went to get his shoes, I went to get the camera. For her sake, Colton got to her before I did.

Theresa was two houses down from us and was about to start knocking when Colton yelled "THERESA" She looked at him a bit confused and said "what?" He said "What are you doing?" She started mumbling something about Mom telling her to...... then she paused. Then she said "I don't know." Colton got her back into the house, she walked into her room, laid on the bed and was out like a light.

Need I remind you this is the same child who tried to walk off the 2 story house boat in Lake Powell. Also, the same girl who walked down the HOTEL hall in her training bra and was knocking on doors! I think it is time to lock the doors to keep Theresa IN, rather than strangers OUT.

Anybody else have a sleepwalker?????


  1. Oh my gosh that was soooo funny! A little scary, but hilarious! I slept walked out side once just on the the back deck. Thats the only story I've got.
    What did Google say about it? any remedies?

  2. yay for you blogging and
    I would have a panic attack

  3. OH my gosh.. that is hilarious!!! That girl.. you're gonna need to lock her in her room! ha

  4. Hey! Ha Ha welcome to blogging! And that is hilarious, I can totally picture her doing that! My sister was a sleepwalker, they're funny. She's lucky you both were awake to retrieve her!!